Hello! I'm not really good at describing myself but i'll try my best...

My name is Michelle Erica Margarejo and I am 19 years old. I was born in Philippines and moved to Newcastle, UK, when I was 5. I am studying Fashion Design and Textiles in Newcastle College which I enjoy very much. I have a part time job in Monsoon Accessorize ( most of the jewelry and
accessories I feature are from here thanks to my amazing staff discount). I'm happy to say that I'm in happy relationship with Fernando. He helps me with running this blog since I'm so bad with technology.


My dream is to make it as a fashion designer because I feel like it's an area which I'm blessed enough to have some sort of talent in. I'm not aspiring to become ridiculously rich and famous, However I would like to use my success to work with Cancer charities and Help unfortunate children in less develop countries get their basic education.

I decided to make this blog purely because, as cringey as it sounds, I'm passionate about fashion. I want to share with you guys my style, creativity, views and opinions and things that inspire me.


ps. Incase you are wondering what my Blog name is all about its not serious at all. Me and my boyfriend spent ages thinking of name when we suddenly remembered a boy named Terio from youtube who has became viral by his well known dance the "oo kill em'" dance.
 Just so you know what I'm talking about here's a video.



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