DIY// from a tshirt to a halter neck top

So, I was bored the other day and felt creative so I thought I'd make use of my sewing machine and revamp and old boring oversized T-shirt to a halter neck top.
2. SEWING MACHINE (optional, you can sew by hand)
OK, let's begin...
1.First, cut up the tshirt. detatch the sleeves and the back from the front. 
Do not throw away any of the pieces, you may need them later on. 

2.I drew out the front and back piece pattern using another halterneck top as a guide. 
I drew half of it so that when I cut it out onto folded fabric each side will be equal. 
Heres how it should look like roughly:

Remember to leave an inch for seam allowance.

3. Grab the front piece of the Tshirt and fold in half. Pin the pattern onto the folded Tshirt making sure you line up the side where it says "CF on fold" on the fold line. If your tshirt has a logo , make sure the logo is in the center.  Cut out and repeat for the back piece on a spare piece of the cut up Tshirt. 

4. Fold and sew a hem line on the front and back pieces as shown on this picture. ( You can iron them down before sewing to make it easier. 

6. The next step is creating the straps. Cut 2.5inch (ish) width from the spare part of the Tshirt. Use the longest piece as this needs to be long enough to tie around the neck. Cut two of these strips out.

7.Next fold the strips in half and iron.

8. Sew a straight line a few mm away from the raw edge of the strips. 

8. Its time to turn the straps inside out. Attach a pin on one end of the strip and feed it through the inside of the a tube whilst pulling the fabric down to turn it inside out. 

9. Pin the straps on either side of the front piece and carefully sew into place. This may be tricky on the sewing machine so if you're not that confident you can hand sew this. 

10. Take the front piece and back piece and line up the edges right sides facing each other. Sew a straight line on the edges. 

10. FINALLY! Turn inside out and you have yourself a halter neck top!

Thank you for reading. I plan to do more DIY postS so let me know what you think of this one and how I can improve it. If you decide to make one let me know how it turned out. I hope this tutorial was helpful.
 Good luck! 

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