DIY// scarf to kimono

Kimonos are spotted everywhere in SS14. They are a perfect little cover up for the warm weather. This my tutorial on how to turn an over sized scarf to a basic Kimono. It is pretty straight forward and it took me no more than half an hour to make. If you would like to know how to make this then please keep reading... 

What you will need:

Over sized rectangular scarf.
 (lightweight material works best, mine is from accessorize)
sewing machine
measuring tape
fabric scissors 



Lay out the scarf and fold in half width wise so that it creates a square, making sure that the right sides are facing each other. Lay it out so that the fold line edge is at the top, furthest away from you. 


Measure along the width and mark the half way point. Pin the edges and corners together so that the fabric wont slip. Using sharp fabric scissors cut ONLY THE TOP LAYER from the edge using the center point. Stop at about an inch from the fold line.  

It should look like this: 

This is the front opening of the kimono. 


 Measure how big you want the arm holes to be. Mine was 12 and half inches. Measure this from the fold line and down. mark with a pin and repeat on the opposite side.
I decided to add slits at the bottom sides just so that it looks more flowy. This step is optional. Measure from the lose edges and mark how long you want the slits. Mine is 8 inches.

At this point you should have two pins on either side. The space between the two pins is where you are going to sew. 


Make a straight stitch on each side in between the pins. The top space where you don't sew will be the arm hole. The bottom will the side slits. 


The last step is to hem the raw edges where you cut the opening. To do this you fold the edges by half an inch and fold again, iron to flatten or pin down and sew. 



Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know how it goes!

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