BEAUTY// 5 favorite must have products!

| 1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer portion|
| 2. Soap and Glory The breakfast scrub |
| 3. Primark sultry lashes | 4. Urban Decay setting Spray |
 | 5. Mac blush "margin"|

Even though my blog is mainly about fashion, I will post some beauty bits and bobs every now and again. I don't really splash out a lot of money on trying out new products and building up a huge beauty collection but I thought I'd share some of my all time favourite products/ beauty holy grail. 
1. Urban Decay Primer Portion

I'm sure everyone has the problem of their eye shadow not staying on all day/night. There's nothing worse than having creased and smudged eye make up. For years I had this problem until I was given the Naked 1 palette as Christmas present a few years ago and it came with a small tube of this primer. Since then my life has been dramatically transformed! Ok.. maybe not but my eye make up definitely has. 
I totally recommend this product specially for those who have oily skin. It might sound gross but people with oily skin tend to have oilier eyelids which makes eye make up not stay on, smudge and crease. This retails for £16 for a large tube and seriously it is SO worth it. I use this product nearly every single day and I've had my current tube for about a year and halfish and its still got a fair bit in, probably enough to last me another month. The texture is nice and velvety. It is not sticky at all. Not only does it keep your make up on, it makes the pigments more vibrant. It also increases the quality of cheap eye shadows. You only need to apply a small amount on each eye lid, blend out and apply eye make up. Simple as that!
2. Soap and Glory's The Breakfast Scrub
If you have tried any of S&G's products you'll know what I mean when I say that you just want eat your self up after smothering yourself in their glorious and delicious smelling products. The breakfast scrub is my all time favourite. The smell of it is almost addictive. Not only that, it makes your skin feel silky smooth after scrubbing yourself in the bath or shower. It works wonders for scaly legs and rough dry patches. 
3. Primark Sultry Lashes

I will never buy any other pair of lashes ever again after discovering these little beauties at the price of only £1!! Primark do an amazing range of lashes, the sultry ones are the best for my eyes. They enhance the look of them without looking fake and over the top. The quality is fairly decent, I get about 8 wears out of each pair. I normally remove the glue and wash them gently in warm water and let them dry. The glue that comes with them are alright but I suggest buying better quality glue such as DUO. 
4. Urban Decay de-slick Setting spray
This is a definite savior for those who have oily skin or have problems keeping their make up on. I purchased the de-slick oil control one as it is the one suited for my skin. I have also tried the All Nighter one, which works just as well. They also have a version for mature skin. This retails for £20 however you can buy a smaller bottle, which was what I done first, for around £9- £11. I can honestly say I will never spend money on trying out different primers and long lasting foundations ever again as this does the trick. I don't wear a primer underneath because I think this spray does its job well. It keeps my make up on longer and prevents it from transferring or sliding off my face. You only need to spray a few times. It leaves a nice semi dewy and natural finish. I used the small bottle every day and it lasted me about 2 and half months therefore the big bottle should last a lot longer. It is an amazing investment. It's definitely great for sweaty night outs and gym sessions. 
5.  Mac blush in "Margin"
I don't have a massive obsession with blusher, I normally just opt for bronzer. However  Margin by Mac is an amazing colour giving your cheeks a warm peachy pop of colour. It has a slight shimmer to it and it acts slightly like a highlighter. I recommend this blush for those with medium warm skin tones. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment if you have any questions or any suggestions regarding my posts. 

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