|tie dyed tshirt- DIY|dress- topshop- £7|sandals- ebay -£15|
|cat socks- newlook- £3|
|PVC lilac jacket- Thrifted- £3|sunglasses- accessorize|
I decided to dress down this amazing green dress by layering it on top of a DIY tie dyed t-shirt. The purple tie dye contrasts with the greenness of the skirt. I decided to throw on these cute cats socks to make the outfit a bit more "quirky". As you can tell by my previous posts these sandals are my favorite go to summer shoes. They are just so comfortable and at 5 ft they give me a bit of height that I desperately need. This PVC pastel coat is one of my spring essentials. It's light weight and waterproof and just simply amazing at the price of £3. Thrifting in Manchester was a good call. 
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